Capital Athletic League #2 Meet Info: April 23, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Del Campo High School
4925 Dewey Drive, Fair Oaks, CA

Running & Field Events Start 3:30 P.M.

Students will have an early dismissal (ED) at 2:00PM. There is no school provided transportation for this meet, please coordinate transportation for your athlete. School Administration has asked us to remind parents that it discourages students giving other students a ride. If you are having your student athlete get a ride from another student, you must have a note from a parent of both parties authorizing this. Additionally, please remember California State Law requires a driver have their license for 1 year prior to driving with others in the vehicle.

Uniforms and Gear:

  • Athletes must compete in the team uniform
  • All members of a relay must be dressed the same (matching jersey and shorts)
  • If competing in spikes, spikes must be ¼” pyramid only (no needles, or christmas tree)

Also Bring:

  • Water and a sports drink
  • A healthy snack (ex. Turkey sandwich, banana, yogurt, granola bar, peanut butter and crackers, chocolate milk)
  • Homework / book / Music (No devices are allowed on the infield)

Questions or Concerns?

Please Contact: Coach Trevor Boler: or Text (530) 400-5317 / Coach Anton Escay (916) 801-8110

Time Schedule:

The Meet will be a rolling start format. We have added estimates of starts to the order of events but these can change significantly, especially as the meet progresses.

Open the CAL League Meet flyer for Order of Events and Competition Rosters (.pdf)

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