Capital Athletic League #1 Meet Info: April 9, 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Capital Christian High School
9470 Micron Ave, Sacramento, CA 95827
Field Events Start 3:30 P.M. / Running Events Start 4:00 P.M.

Students will have an early dismissal (ED) at 2:00PM. There is no school provided transportation for this meet, please coordinate transportation for your athlete. School Administration has asked us to remind parents that it discourages students giving other students a ride. If you are having your student athlete get a ride from another student, you must have a note from a parent of both parties authorizing this. Additionally, please remember California State Law requires a driver have their license for 1 year prior to driving with others in the vehicle. We will have a tent set up in bleachers for athletes and parents to be together and cheer on the team. Look for the Rio Raiders tent!

Uniforms and Gear:

  • Athletes must compete in the team uniform
  • All members of a relay must be dressed the same (matching jersey and shorts)
  • If competing in spikes, spikes must be ¼” pyramid only (no needles, or christmas tree)

Also Bring:

  • Water and a sports drink
  • A healthy snack (ex. Turkey sandwich, banana, yogurt, granola bar, peanut butter and crackers, chocolate milk)
  • Homework / book / Music (No devices are allowed on the infield)

Questions or Concerns?

Please Contact:

Coach Trevor Boler (530) 400-5317 or Coach Anton Escay (916) 801-8110

Time Schedule:

The meet will be a rolling start format. We have added estimates of starts to the order of events below but these can change significantly, especially as the meet progresses.


Field Events Start @ 3:30 PM

  • Shot Put (4 Throws) – FSB, VB, VG
  • Discus (4 Throws) – VG, VB, FSB
  • Long Jump (4 Jumps) – VB, FSB, VG (Open Pit until 100M start)
  • Triple Jump (4 Jumps – VG, VB, FSB (Open Pit 100M to 4×400 start)
  • High Jump – FSB, VB, VG
  • Pole Vault – VG, VB, FSB

Running Events Start @ 4:00 PM

Start times in parenthesis are approximate only

4x100M Relay (4:00 PM) FSB/VG/VB 800M (6:15 PM) FSB/VG/VB
1600M (4:20 PM) FSB/VG/VB 300MH (6:30 PM) VG-30″/FSB-33″/VB-36″
100MH (4:45 PM) VG-33″ 200M (6:50 PM) FSB/VG/VB
110MH (4:55 PM) FSB-36″/VB-39″ 3200M (7:15 PM) VG/VB/FSB
400M (5:15 PM) FSB/VG/VB 4x400M Relay (7:45 PM) FSG/FSB/VG/VB
100M (5:45 PM) FSB/VG/VB

Women’s Competition Roster

  • Evnika Antonova (V) SP/DS/LJ
  • Emi Anzi (V) 3200M
  • Ella Awdew (V) 100M/200M
  • Kaylee Barnes (V) 1600M / 4x400M
  • Vanessa Billingsley (V) 100M / 200M
  • Ella Bracchi (V) 1600M
  • Annika Brown (V) SP/DS
  • Zoe Buck  (V) 100M
  • Kendra Burton (V) 1600M
  • Lauren Calcagno (V) 1600M/200M/400M
  • Shaila Cano (V) 400M/ 200M
  • Ava Cardwell (V) 800M / 4x400M
  • Sophia Cysewski (V) 4x100M/100M/200M
  • Megan Dang (V) 800M
  • Annika Dengel (V) 800M
  • Alex Doyle (V) 400M/200M/TJ/4x400M
  • Mia Eiremo (V) 4x100M/100H/300H/HJ
  • Alyssa Escay (V) 1600M
  • Xya Ford (V) SP/DS
  • Talia Friedman (V) 4x100M/200M
  • Dream Goodson (V) 4x100M/100M/200M
  • Katie Hardwicke (V) 1600M
  • Mykayla Harris (V) SP/DS
  • Caitlin Hayden (F/S) 1600M
  • Aurora Helfrich (V) SP/DS
  • Molly Hernandez (V) 200M/HJ/LJ
  • Morgan Hewitt (V) 200M / LJ
  • Emma Hightower (V) 100M/200M
  • Natalia Hurtzig-Lopez (V) 4x100M/200M
  • Asia Ibrahim (V) 200M
  • Sophia Karperos (V) 800M/3200M
  • Hannah Lee (V) 200M
  • Grace Lesser (V) 400M/200M
  • Isabella Lindstrom (V) SP/DS
  • Tessa Loofbourrow (V) 1600M
  • Nelli McCrystal (V) 1600M
  • Sophia Newcomer (V) 800M
  • Katie Newton (V) 800M/4X400
  • Josie Perez (V) 800M
  • Nailea Perez (V) 4x100M/100M/200M
  • Isabella Popejoy (V) SP/DS/200M
  • Gabby Prieto (V) 100M
  • Lucy Prieto (V) 1600M/800M/4X400M
  • Shamita Rai (V) 100M/200M
  • Caroline Smith (V) 4x100M/100H/300H/HJ
  • Sarah Sorenson (V) LJ/HJ
  • Elizabeth Wang (V) 200M
  • Makena Wenger-Johnson (V) 100H/300H
  • Mckayla Wikoff (V) 4x100M/100M
  • Isabella Winscott (V) 400M / HJ
  • Rosalia Zubillaga (V) SP/DS

Men’s Competition Roster

  • Ayman Assim (V) 110H/300H/HJ/TJ
  • Joseph Bender (F/S) 1600M
  • Cole Bertolani (F/S) 800M
  • Eric Bristow (F/S) SP/DS
  • Zach Chambers (V) 3200M
  • Lucas Collins (F/S) 800M
  • Julian Doyle (F/S) 800M
  • Logan Duffy (V) 400M
  • Stefan Eiremo (V) 4x100M/400M/200M/HJ
  • Chalmer Elkridge (V) 4x100M/100M/200M
  • Conner Ettinger (V) 3200M
  • Cole Fletcher (F/S) 200M/HJ
  • Jackson Fortin (F/S) SP/DS
  • Zander Geisreiter (F/S) SP/DS
  • Aleksandr Goriunov (F/S) 1600M
  • Nic Gorman (V) 800M
  • Ross Gowan (V) 800M/4X400M
  • Brynan Hare (V) 4X100(A)/100M/200M
  • Dubem Isiah-Lim (F/S) 100M/DS
  • Samuel Jackson (V) 400M
  • Ricky Jauregui (V) SP/DS
  • Max Long (F/S) SP/DS
  • Ethan Loomis (F/S) 1600M
  • Antonio Lopes (V) 4X100M/100M/LJ
  • Tyler Maccomber (F/S) 1600M
  • Ermiyas Mamo (V) 1600M
  • Cody Meider (V) SP/DS
  • Christian Melliza (V) 4x100m/100M/200M
  • Ryan Mood (F/S) 1600M
  • Reed Moore (V) 800M/4X400M
  • Jack Murphy (V) 1600M/4x400M
  • Jalen Naran (F/S) 400M/200M
  • Daniel Norris (F/S) 200M/LJ
  • Jack Pallasen (V) 1600M/4X400M
  • Cameron Phillips (V) SP/DS
  • Savion Ponce (V) 100M
  • Logan Porter (F/S) 100M/HJ/TJ
  • Oliver Price (F/S) 200M
  • Nicolas Pypers (F/S) 110H/HJ
  • Mason Ready (F/S) 200M/LJ
  • Amadeus Romero (V) SP/DS
  • Jensen Salvatori (V) 1600M/400M
  • Willie Samuelson (V) 1600M
  • Ethan Vahle (F/S) 1600M
  • David Valencia (F/S) 800M
  • Nathan Witte (V) 800M
  • Ryan Witte (V) 1600M

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